I was born in Genoa in 1971. I have a very cosmopolitan background as my mother is of Italian, English and Ecuadorian ancestry, and my father, being a sailor, has taken his family to exotic places. Till the age of 17 I lived in Chiavari where I attended the “Marconi.” Scientific High School.

I completed my education in Pieve di Cadore in 1988.

During the first 18 years of life I travelled a lot, a passion that I still cultivates today.

While living in Belluno I attended a course for interpreters at the Marco Polo School with the same constant idea in my mind: travelling. But is finally at the age of 29 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where I lived several years, that I discovered my real passion: painting. In a short time, I became a hyperrealist and won several art contests. In 2002 I presented my first exhibition in Italy where her paintings are now exhibited and sold regularly.

I love painting because it makes me find balance and through it I try to transmit pleasure, joy and tranquility and because only through a positive attitude everything can appear in its beauty.

The prime mover that drives me to paint is the “DESIRE OF PLEASURE”: large swirls of cigarette smoke rather than a cigar, the intense color of wild berries or again the pleasure to the scent of a good glass of wine or the aroma of a cup of tea … and it’s in my long journeys to distant lands that I absorb the joyful aspects of new cultures and transmit it to my paintings maintaining the rigor and preciseness of the hyper-realistic technique.

Through a mix of technique and a good amount of love for colors, my paintings try to steal the observer’s eye and move it to the research of details and perfection.

Light and oil painting fill my subjects projecting and crystalizing them in a timeless dimension.

My recurring themes are “ Portraits”, “Drinks”, “Splashes” and “Fruits” which allow me to study human expressions and moods, water jets, reflexes of drinks on a glass surface, the bright colors and textures (rough, smooth,……) of fruits and vegetables.

Combining these colors to uniform backgrounds (black or white) allows me to find something that photography can’t give me, putting the spectator in front of something to reflect on expressing unexplainable emotions.

My work is generally approached to the American Photorealism and I recognize it myself the importance that this style together with other European masters had on my painting, for example Tiziano (which lived in the area where I live now), Caravaggio, Giotto and Vermeer, so that’s why my paintings are appreciated particularly for the light and the use of colors.

In my method, I always start from a picture of which I keep the focus or the defects that I transfer on my canvas.

I am always (as in my life) researching subjects and new experiences, and through my artistic loneliness I try to give the observer a calm interior serenity, contrasting it with great vitality and happiness.